Living Paintings Charity Golf Day 1st May 2020

Join us for a golf day like no other at Donnington Grove, Newbury, Berkshire on 1st May 2020

A golf day with a difference

From 8:30am – Welcome and breakfast

10:00am – Shotgun start

Followed by lunch, guest speaker to be announced and auction

5:00pm – Event ends

About the golf course

Donnington Grove, Newbury, Berkshire

Donnington Grove is a gem of an 18-hole golf course, set in 500 acres of beautiful grounds and offering unrivalled views of Donnington Castle. In 2018, it hosted the European Tour. The River Lambourn runs through the course, making it one of the most relaxing and scenic golfing destinations.

Donnington Grove house was formerly owned by James Pettit Andrews, a noted historian, who commissioned architect John Chute to design for him a house in the Strawberry Hill Gothic style. With its ornate battlements, pillars and statues, it was expensive both to build and maintain. 

Subsequent owners and residents include Regency style icon, Beau Brummell and cousin of Winston Churchill, the Hon. Reginald Fellowes and his wife Daisy Fellowes – without doubt the most fashionable lady of her time. 

High standard hotel accommodation is available.

European Tour logo, Donnington Grove logo
Donnington Grove from the air


£600 Fourball

For a team of four golfers, includes breakfast and tea/coffee on arrival, 18 holes. There will be some unexpected and special extras from Living Paintings throughout the day. Includes two course lunch and the chance to participate in a fabulous prize auction. There will be a guest speaker yet to be announced.

£500 Sponsor a pin

 Brand one of the 18 holes with your company name (flags and banners). 

£1,000 Fourball with sponsored pin

Take part with your team of four and have a branded pin with your company details.

£200 Advertisement in our Charity Golf Day brochure

1 page: £200


Artwork to be supplied as a high res PDF (print ready) document with 3mm bleed to by 2nd April 2020.

Helping blind people to be part of a sighted world

Living Paintings designs, publishes and distributes books for blind people, allowing them to hear and feel pictures. We send our audio-tactile books across the country through a postal library that is free to anyone in the UK who is blind or partially sighted.

We lend to people at home, in schools or to other people working with or caring for those with sight loss.

There are no membership fees and members can choose books via our online library, over the phone or in person.

Library membership can begin at pre-school age and continue through adulthood. We help at all ages and stages of life.

Why we need your help…

"When Jai received Goodnight Spaceman from Living Paintings, he was unable to put it down! His imagination goes into overdrive as he feels the planets, rockets, moon and the spacesuits. He truly believes he will be the first blind child on the moon!

“Jai-Ryan was born at 23 weeks. Because of this, Jai suffered with retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), which causes blood vessels to grow in the retina, which can lead to blindness. 

He does have some sight in his left eye but it is extremely myopic, in fact Jai can only see to the end of his nose. 

Jai has a wonderful and full life at home. He’s independent to an extent at home but still requires a lot of support. There are barriers with having a blind child at home mixed with us all, as a majority of people in our family are profoundly deaf, which has communication barriers. 

When it comes to reading books from Living Paintings, Jai is able to do this with anyone, no matter of their disability. He’s able to feel his way around the book and direct anyone that cannot hear or speak the story. By using the CD, Jai is able to take the lead in reading with dad but when he is reading with mum, she is able to talk through the book and allows characters to come to life by acting out voices and actions, which entices Jai into reading a lot more. The books have been adapted so well, allowing the main characters and objects of the book come to life. One book can take days to read with a VI child, especially one that wants to feel every page!

At six years old, Jai has such an active imagination, which is brought to life through these books. He memorises the stories and takes them to act out to his friends in the playground. Jai and his friends have created a story about going to the moon (inspired by Goodnight Spaceman). 

We cannot thank you enough for bring our child to life through these books. For this we are eternally grateful.” – Jai-Ryan’s mum

Young library member Jai-Ryan reading our adapted version of Goodnight Spaceman by Michelle Robinson and Nick East.

Celebrities Support Living Paintings

"I’m thrilled to be supporting Living Paintings, the work they do in making books accessible through touch and sound is incredible. It’s wonderful to know that so many children who are blind or partially sighted can enjoy The Gruffalo thanks to their free library"
Axel Scheffler
Illustrator of The Gruffalo
"I think the very best way to get children to develop a love of books is to share stories with them when they are little. But how can you interest a child in a picture book when they are blind? The answer is through the touch and sound publications that the award winning Living Paintings offer in their free national library - children can feel what The Gruffalo, Winnie the Pooh, Thomas the Tank Engine are like. And because of their unique design the books can be shared – everyone enjoying the story together."
Dame Jaqueline Wilson
Living Paintings Children’s Patron
"Living Paintings do a fantastic job of making books accessible to children without sight, and the finished touch and feel version of 'The Bear Who Went Boo!' is a thing of beauty."
David Walliams
Children's Author

How Living Paintings Changes Lives

Imogen feeling a tactile picture.

Imogen's Story

"Living Paintings enables Imogen to hear and create her own images of objects, places, people and things. For example, she can use her sense of touch to feel around the raised pictures and follow the description enabling her to feel the ‘checks’ in Rupert Bear’s scarf or sunflowers in Van Gogh’s painting. All of this enables Imogen to paint a picture in her ‘mind’s eye’." - Imogen's mum

Connor's Story

"Connor loved nursery school and especially his one-on-one teacher, Becky, who introduced him to the Living Paintings library. Connor has now progressed to a specialist school for learning difficulties, he loves it, and his teachers. Although at home he is very reluctant to play with anything, we find he does love listening to music and stories, so your library of Touch to See books has been excellent for him." - Connor's mum

Suzannah and her dog

Susannah's Story

"Susannah’s imagination runs wild when she is able to read and she visualizes the characters in her head and makes up her own stories afterwards with the characters all the time. Without the Touch to See books from Living Paintings, this would not be possible.” - Susannah's dad

Ted's Story

Stats Speak Volumes

blind people of all ages benefit from our Touch to See library
of blind children have improved confidence
blind adults are members of our Touch to See Book Clubs nationwide
of blind children asked are more interested in learning

Bringing pictures to life!

Listen to some of our famous volunteers describe best-loved picture book characters for blind children.

Lauren Laverne describes The Gruffalo

David Walliams describes The Slightly Annoying Elephant

Hugh Bonneville describes Lost and Found

What We Do

We bring the visual world to life and share it with people with sight loss. We are the only charity in the UK who design, create and publish tactile and audio books for blind and partially sighted people of all ages. We call them Touch to See books and distribute them throughout the UK via our free, postal library.

Our Free Library

Our library of Touch to See books caters for all ages and we’ve got a wide range of subjects including The Gruffalo, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, Wallace and Gromit, The International Space Station and much more. Our unique books provide relaxation and reading for pleasure, support education and lifelong learning, enhance lifestyle and inspire leisure interests.

Stay In Touch

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